A showcase for TV with big-screen ambition at TIFF

From the 150 TV shows submitted to TIFF, Lerman had to whittle his choices down to five lucky entrants. They range from Amazon Studios’ thriller Homecoming starring Julia Roberts and the bittersweet Sorry for Your Loss with Elizabeth Olsen, to Eric Khoo’s Folklore: Mother’s Love & Pob, a six-part horror anthology from Asian directors.

“We are really looking for a good spread of representation, to find different voices and different tones,” Lerman says. “This year there seems to be more horror and science fiction, and maybe that speaks to a trend that’s happening. But the shows in the program are all very different as well.”

The Star asked Lerman for his thoughts on why he chose the five shows he did to represent at TIFF this year.

Sorry for Your Loss
Country: USA
Creator: Kit Steinkellner
Directors: James Ponsoldt, Jessica Yu, Allison Anders

“It’s a great challenge trying to put the feel of an indie movie into an episodic show. You see it working with Girls. And see it not working in some other ways. It’s about a young woman who lost her husband. She’s very young. Tracing back with her memories and dealing with grief. It’s not a pity party of a show. It’s an incredible performance and switches between perspectives. Made by the same people who gave you Little Miss Sunshine.” (World premiere)

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