Elizabeth Olsen Starred in Mary-Kate and Ashley Vids

We always get rewarded when we rewind old Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen videos, but today we’re feeling especially #blessed by one special guest star: Elizabeth Olsen. And even if you’re an MK & A superfan you may have missed the Olsens’ baby sister and, oh yeah, Marvel’s Scarlet Witch in The Case of Thorn Manor. Yup, the twins are roadblocked by Elizabeth in the first installment of The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, but what shocks us is the majorly brutal “You can’t sit with us” move they pull on the child.

So to break down what actually happens, Mary-Kate and Ashley are about to take a bike ride to Transylvania and investigate a potential ghost sighting. They’re stopped by a mini-Olsen with impeccable bangs asking, “Can I come with you guys,” and it’s explained that it’s their little sister Lizzie. The twins are all like “lol no this is for sophisticated Private Eyes like us,” and Lizzie’s adorably like, “And what am I, chopped liver?”

See the video below.

Source: Life & Style

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