Will there be a second season of Sorry For Your Loss?

Elizabeth Olsen has opened up about the possibility of a second season of Sorry For Your Loss, admitting that she has already had some ideas about what the show could cover in the future. “We’ve talked about potentially what we could do in a second season,” explained Olsen, who is both a producer and actor on “Sorry For Your Loss.” “But that is not in our control. That would totally be a different discussion. I have no idea how this is even going to work, with the streaming.” “I’ve never been part of anything streaming really. This whole world to me is very new. I am interested in learning from it.”

While Olsen is well aware that a second season of “Sorry For Your Loss” is not in her control, she did tease potential storylines that the show could explore in further episodes.

“I don’t know, if there was a second season, would it be just be about these characters? There are so many options. Because we have already created the them of memory and we could create other characters even.”

“We could talk about grief. Whether it is being an adopted child, losing a marriage, those are the kind of things we could take other characters’ point of view. I’m not sure. I don’t know. I’m excited to see what we do with it.”

Created by playwright Kit Steinkellner and with episodes directed by James Ponsoldt, “Sorry For Your Loss” sees Olsen star as Leigh Shaw, a writer who has recently become widowed after the death of her husband Matt (Mamaoudo Athie). The show also stars Kelly Marie Tran and Janet McTeer.

“Sorry For Your Loss” has been met with widespread critical acclaim, so much so that its eight episode long first season amassed a score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The final two episodes of the first season of “Sorry For Your Loss” will air on Facebook Watch on October 9.

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